Trial of concrete
2018 winter
Student:Yu-Han, Sun
4th Studio work
Instructor : 
Sam Yang  from Emerge architects & associates 
Department of Architecture
Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

The context of concrete exploration:
    ◆ Possibility of pouring concrete
    ◆ Concrete fluid properties, derived to the continuous deformation
    ◆ The image to dematerialize
Setting: The amount of concrete is fixed, preventing infinite variation.
    ◆ The purpose of a continuous dynamic test:
To integrate a set of mechanisms to create space.
    1. Contour line (shape randomly generated)
    2. Force line (internal force operation)
    3. Geometric graphics (To be conscious to control the geometry, and to organize the space mechanism.)
    4. 2D - geometry with colors (Use the power of color to construct spaces.)
    5. 3D - composition with materials ( Looking for a continuous motion with logical and spatial.)
    ◆  Constitute a continuous dynamic logic
    1. A major force affects the endpoint expansion.
    2. A stable base column anchoring space.
    3. Balance beam traction in the middle of the main force, and affects the power of the upper            rotation.
    4. The overall dynamic process: Discrete → deflection → convergence.
    5. The change factor: The main force is flipping, and the rotated force get stronger, resulting            in the deflection of the main force.
2018 冬
學生 : 孫于寒

    除了外表型態,內部的力量是如何運行的? → 去物質化
  → 真正的力量運行,他是一直在變化的,難以捕捉,所以試圖尋找一個紀錄的方式
    1. 輪廓線(形隨機能而生)
    2. 力軸線(內部力量的運行)
    3. 幾何化(有意識的控制幾何形、組織空間機制)
    4. 2D-幾何加入色彩(用色彩的力量,建構空間)
    5. 3D-構成加入材料(具有邏輯與空間感) 找尋構成連續動態的邏輯
    1.  一個主要力道牽動著端點膨脹
    2.  一個穩定的基柱錨定空間
    3.  平衡木牽引著主要力道的中間段,並牽動著上部旋轉的力量
    4.  整體動態過程:離散→偏折→匯聚
    5.  中間變動因子:主要力道進行翻轉、旋轉力道加大,造成主要力道的偏折