Gundam at Odaiba 2018
Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Photo & travelogue by Shihtang Chen
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The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is a place for learning about what is happening in the world from the viewpoint of science, and thinking about and discussing what kind of future humans are going to create going forward.
Here, based on a diverse menu of exhibits, experiment classes, talk events, and so on, visitors can experience current, progressive science and technology on various scales, ranging from simple day-to-day questions, the latest technologies, to the global environment, exploration of the universe, and the wonder of life.
"Mobile Suit Gundam UC" is a new chapter of the story set in the "space century" continued from "Mobile Suit Gundam” produced by Sunrise since 2010. "Mobile Suit Gundam” was originally a novel written by novelist Harutoshi Fukui.
Set three years after "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack", the main character, Banagher Links meets a pure white mobile suit, "Unicorn Gundam", and survives the war between the Earth Federal and ex-members’ troop, “Sleeved”. The profound story and attractive characters, as well as Hajime Katoki’s mechanical designs have been widely accepted by Gundam fans, and has become a huge hit selling more than 3 million copies of novels, 1.9 million copies of Blu-ray & DVD in total, and over 1 million paid distributions.
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台場鋼彈 2018
旅記 陳世堂