Walt Disney Concert Hall​  2017 1/3
Los Angeles, United States
Designed by Frank Gehry

Travelogue by Architect Johnson Chien
When it opened ten years ago, in October 2003, Walt Disney Concert Hall was immediately acclaimed for its architecture and its acoustics. In this remarkable new space, with the opportunity to expand its performing and presenting activities, the Los Angeles Philharmonic entered a new era of excellence, and shows no signs of stopping.

The first view of Walt Disney Concert Hall most people see is the curving stainless steel skin of the building’s exterior. Resembling silver sails, the curves echo the billows in the auditorium and play off the bowed cornice of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, forging a link between new and old.
In architect Frank Gehry’s original design, Walt Disney Concert Hall was intended to be clad in stone. After receiving much acclaim for his titanium building in Bilbao, however, he was urged to change the stone to metal. With this new material Gehry was able to tweak the shape of the exterior, creating the iconic silver sails we see today.
迪士尼音樂廳 2017 1/3
旅記 錢志強建築師