Cloud Forest 2018 3/3
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Chinese Lunar New Year
Photographed by Gwo Long Young
Don’t forget to explore Cloud Forest Gallery, our latest exhibition. Featuring striking graphics, dioramas, videos and artefacts, discover more about the five mass extinctions in history and our role in preventing the sixth. Also, find out how we can better do our part in conservation and environmental sustainability.
Moving on from Cloud Forest Gallery, you can find out how we as individuals can do our part to help conserve nature, veer away from potential disaster, and move towards a more sustainable future.
Seat yourself comfortably in the revamped mini-auditorium and watch “+5 Degrees”, which shows how our planet could change when the temperature increases by five degrees. Then explore the positive changes we can make to impact our environment with the new video “Green World”, which ends this 10-min screening on a hopeful note.
End your visit with a stroll around the Secret Garden. Discover the new landscape of more than 7,000 plants of more than 135 species and hybrids in a representation of limestone forests and caves. Many of the plants belong to the gesneriads, begonias, orchids and ferns families, as these plants are commonly found in these habitats.
Don’t forget to catch a glimpse at the new installation of miniature orchids. They are so tiny that you will need to view the blooms through a magnifying glass!
These enhancements are made possible by the sponsorship of Mr Tan Jiew Hoe, a Board Director at Gardens by the Bay and the President of the Singapore Gardening Society. He worked closely with Gardens by the Bay over two years to transform the landscape of the Secret Garden.
“For the new Secret Garden, we chose plants that can be found in the special environment of limestone forests and caves. In time to come, we hope to slowly introduce species that are either endangered or close to extinction, and nurture a refugium for plants,” said Mr Tan.
花穹室內溫室2018 春節 3/3
旅記 楊國隆