About us
Thanks to the rapid advancement of the Internet and media network, the communication across the world of design has accelerated more than ever, and more and more people know how to appreciate the beauty of a design.
The course of an individual learning design is as prolonged and painstaking as that of Marco Polo traveling from Europe to the East. The goal of this journey is important in itself, while the process is full of significance too, we reckon.   
Hence, we are thinking. Is it possible that we can create a public space for all designers-to-be, maybe some young men in the school, to share their works boldly for the world to see? It is not an act of showing-off, but telling their thoughts about design and aesthetics loud and clear.
We want to make the existence of this website come true so that we can offer an oasis for all future designers who are still in the middle of their tough journey. Following an intersession of relaxation and recharge, they will be able to continue this magnificent journey.
How do I join to share my work in the website?
A. All design students are welcome to join. Please state your real name, your year and school in an email and send it to office@sirjibook.com. We will contact you for following matters.
Q. Will my work be reviewed before being published?
A. Yes. We reserve the right for the website administrator to determine a work is to be published or not. At the same time, the designer is held accountable fully for any infringement of laws and intellectual property rights and interference of good morals. We aim at providing a portal for designers to share their works, but designers’ statements expressed in their works do not represent this website’s perspectives.
Q.Will you modify my work?
A. No. The website administrator keeps a neutral stance in terms of design. Any of a designer’s work is not to be rejected unless it is irrelevant to design or it is against laws or good morals, or the image is blurry due to poor quality.
Q. What do I need to prepare for publishing my work?
A.For each work please provide a brief description in the length of about 200 words in Mandarin Chinese and English and 20 to 40 images in JPG/JPEG format. The size of each image should be around 700K.
Sirjibook Managerment Team
Any question office@sirjibook.com 
About us
Q 請問如何加入?
A 只要你是設計科系學生,我們都歡迎你加入。來信寄到 office@sirjibook.com來信請寫上真實姓名、就讀學校、系所年級,之後我們會再跟你聯絡後續事宜。
Q 我的作品會被審閱嗎?
A 是的。我們網站管理員有權決定刊登設計者的作品與否。同時設計者要對刊登的作品對於是否有牴觸現行法令、是否有侵犯智慧財產權或違反善良風俗負起全部責任。本網站是提供一個平台給設計者,但設計者的言論觀點,並不能代表本網站。
Q 你們會修改我的作品嗎?
Q 每個作品需要準備哪些東西?
A 每個作品需要文字約200字的中英文設計說明文字以及20到40張的JPG圖片,每張圖片規格約 700k。

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