White cage 2015
Proposal for New Nishi Hongan-ji 
Designed by Walsingham Martin and Partners
Design team Gwo-Long Young, Jenny Liu
Nishi Honganji Plaza
Located in Ximending southern edge of the intersection of Zhonghua Road and Cheung Sha Street, "Wanhua 406 Plaza", formerly "Japan Nishi Honganji", built together with donations from Taiwan believers with the Japanese, whose official name "faction Taiwan other houses Jodo Shinshu Honganji "as completed, completed in AD 1904 AD 1912.
Is filled with Japanese-style buildings one, Nishi Honganji Taiwan other houses in Japan Shinshu Honganji fraction in Taiwan established a branch, most of the major architectural styles and more of eclectic style of Japanese Buddhism 18th and 19th century often appear, the church, the Royal Temple the Curry, Clock Tower are all basically eclectic style, which changes the house is a traditional Japanese form; Marrow Hall performance was the spirit of the new era, with brick structure with a combination of Western-style wooden frame, stayed in Japanese-style roof.
Nishi Honganji square after the opening can often be a lot of love photography people come here to take pictures about photography, network platform there are many bloggers share travel, old clock tower, nostalgic pith Hall, turns the wind, low-key parish historical buildings spread in the green park, with a total width beautiful picture in the eyes of those who are visiting. Deep cultural history and architectural features "Nishi Honganji" old buildings, which by the public sector work to promote adaptive re-use so that this can be a square expand and expand cultural circle Simon popular town square performed, and offers a tour in Simon another reminder of the long history of the depth when the journey collected the center, hoping to attract more crowd, recreate complex region Huarong Jing Monga.

白色之籠 2015
設計 楊國隆建築師事務所
設計師群 楊國隆、劉宜娟